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Building incredible software doesn't need to be hard

With Model Magic Rapid development platform,
your software is built fast & clean.

Automated database design

Automated user interface

Zero learning curve

Why Model Magic?

More time to focus on your business problem

Your time is better spent in getting your business up and running fast. Model Magic’s data driven rapid development platform helps you to focus on the core business problem and avoid worrying about the technical nuances. Your web application will be ready in a few weeks. Fast & Clean.

Realize your software vision. Sooner.

Model Magic is the productivity library that helps to roll out web applications faster - by providing most of the required boiler plate and routine functionalities.  Based on your requirements, Model Magic could be 70% to 90% of your product.  You could bring in the uniqueness by plugging in custom code (in open technologies such as Java, SQL). 

What can be built with Model Magic?

You can build any web application with Model Magic. Some prominent use cases are given below.

Software MVP

Validating the MVP with the market fast is critical to your  product success

Software products

Get your software to the market fast with Model Magic platform

Internal tools

Efficient internal tools help in saving a lot of manual and unproductive work

Excel to Web application

Migrate your existing excel sheets to a web application in a few steps


Meet the PoC deadline challenges with confidence. Create any PoC fast.


All-in-one views to efficiently view and manage your company's operations

Admin panels

Create admin panels for reading/writing from any database 


A customized CRM goes a long way in making your sales team productive

What can not be built with Model Magic?

Native Mobile Apps


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