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Avoid 70 to 90% of work in building web applications

The platform takes data model as input and generates web application automatically

Complete data driven platform

No need to learn proprietary tech

DB, UI, Backend expertise not needed

Your web application - ready in 4 steps

Your TODO list - transformed with Model Magic

Platform Highlights

Develop full-stack web applications without coding

Model Magic enables you to build end-to-end web applications. No expertise in any UI, server or database technology is needed. Your web application is readily deployable locally, in a private cloud or public cloud. 

Build front-end for your existing databases

You can build the User Interface for your existing database. Build admin panels, dashboards, CRUD applications with your existing databases - without losing any data. 

Model Magic platform does not generate "code"

Model Magic does not generate any code like many of the low code platforms. We strongly believe that code that can be generated is not required, if the platform is designed better. It provides support to plug-in your business model and Model Magic AI engine delivers ready-to-live application

Platform is built for developers with any expertise level

We have delivered hundreds of applications over the years. We know the pain points that 80% of time developers spend in doing boiler plate code and fixing bugs in them. We want them to be highly productive by doing only what is required for the business. 

You don't have to learn proprietary frameworks

It supports open technologies and you will never have to learn an additional proprietary language or tool for your development. You don't need to undergo special training to become productive. Basic programming skills are enough.

Easily integrate with your existing software tools

Model Magic has pre-built REST APIs to integrate with your IT infrastructure or third-party software. Your teams don’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend a lot of time integrating other applications.

Has got enough that make a pro- developer's life easy

Model Magic gives control to the developer to customize  back-end and front-end layers . You can achieve uniqueness and differentiation with Model Magic's flexible architecture.

Confidential data does not leave your machines

Your market might demand that data should not leave your premises and you can use Model Magic's on-premise version. You can clone the Git repository, complete the development and deploy it in your servers. Design, Development, Testing and deployment everything stays within your private corporate network. 

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