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Deliver the RIGHT solution fast


Prototypes help you make informed decisions, get quality feedback and avoid costlier mistakes. Build more prototypes at a lesser cost.

Minimize turnaround times

Get actual software as prototype

Incorporate feedback rapidly

How can Model Magic help?

Test more ideas faster at lesser cost

User behavior assumptions are difficult and often subjective. Model Magic helps you to iterate faster enabling you to iterate more often before concluding on an idea.

Go to market sooner

With Model Magic, you can build "actual software" as the prototype in a few days/weeks instead of several months.

Explore more ideas at lesser cost

You don't have to drop an idea due to budget constraints. As the cost and time to try out actual working prototypes will come down, you can explore more ideas.

Get started even without 100% clarity on requirements

90% to 100% clarity of requirements/customer behavior is not practical. With Model Magic, 70% clarity is sufficient since changes/tweaks can be done quickly based on user behavior.


Model Magic


Model Magic

Prototype takes months


Prototypes in days

Need high clarity on requirements

70% clarity enough to start


Need more time to validate idea

Idea validation

Test more ideas within the available time

Changes are costly

Quick & Inexpensive


More time & resources

Less time & resources


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