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Manual work drags your business down?

 Let your team spend time thinking about high level business problems, rather than mindlessly repeating busy work.


DB, UI, Backend expertise not needed

More internal tools in same budget

Complete SDLC support

How can Model Magic help?

You will see immediate cost savings

Faster decision making made possible with instant reports rather than waiting for manual import and manual tuning of the data.

Avoid potential business risks due to manual errors

Creating reports manually has the risk of manual errors and we would have added more check points to catch them. With automated tools all these bandages are no longer required.

You can be at peace related to software's security

Fine grained access control to control who gets to see what - which was not possible when you had to deal with multiple excel files.

Data safety concerns eliminated with on-premise version

Your data can stay within your corporate. You can do entire development in your laptop and deploy it locally in a server (or) in your private cloud.


Model Magic


Model Magic

Mundane & repeated work

No unwanted work

Productive teams

Prepare from multiple sources

Automated solution

Data analysis

Reports created manually,

delayed data processing


Automated solution,

instant reporting

Slow  & all data may not be ready

Fast & done with right data

Decision making

Multi-tasking, overworked

Does work that matters

Happy employees

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