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Make ideas happen fast...

Model Magic provides the cushion to extend your runway - by enabling to release 5x faster with a smaller team. 

Build software the optimal way

No need to discard MVP effort

We offer customization services

How can Model Magic help?

Stop juggling with activities that are not core to business

Juggling between business development, software development, hiring..?   Now focus on business development for faster growth. All the technical nuances to deliver a web application are taken care by the platform.

Don't worry even if you have not yet ramped up tech team

We can help get your initial version quickly, which will help your team to carry it on further. Developers will be more adept when they see something working and then making changes to it rather than starting from scratch.

You can deliver applications without any expert skills

With Model Magic, the actual work required by your team comes down to the business logic and defining the UI layout. So you can deliver even without DB, UI, Backend expertise.

Make decisions with more confidence

Test the waters before jumping in fully on specific features - with a target group. With lesser investment it makes it easy to iterate with multiple ideas.


Model Magic


Model Magic

Pivots are expensive


More pivots at lesser cost

1 to 2 years

3 to 6 months

Go To Market

Large team needed

Small team enough

Team size

Multiple expertise needed

Business understanding enough

Team expertise

More time & resources

Less time & resources


Expensive, multi-level approvals

Cheap & under-budget


Usually gets wasted

Reuse MVP effort

MVP effort

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